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Epilan: Very Effective Treatment of Epilepsy and Epileptic Seizures

Epilan: Very Effective Treatment of Epilepsy and Epileptic Seizures

Epilan is the composition of two formation-wise connected as well as proven anti-epileptic drugs, having assorted action mechanisms. This composition of Phenobarbitone with Phenytoin sodium is utilized for giving enough seizure controls in the patients. It is a fact that epileptic seizures can not be controlled using either drug only.


Every uncoated Epilan tablet comprises:

Phenytoin sodium 100 mg

Phenobarbitone 30 mg


The Epilan is used for controlling seizures in patients, who are suffering from grand mal seizures, generalized clonic seizures, or complex incomplete seizures as mono therapy alone is not sufficient for it.

Recommended Dosage

For seizures in adults: 1 tablet with 3 to 4 times on daily basis.

For seizures in children: For seizures in children, the dosage is different, as per the body weight. It ranges from Phenytoin sodium 4 to 8 mg every kg every day with phenobarbitone 3 to 5 mg every kg every day in the 2 to 3 evenly separate doses.


Therapeutic principle of the compound of the Phenytoin sodium with Phenobarbitone is relied on the these advantages.

The use of any drug compound is perfect for different diseases, which require continual management having aggregate drug therapy, anti epileptic compound of Phenytoin sodium and Phenobarbitone is made to cope with the distress of mono therapy as well as noncompliance inadequacy to get complete seizure control.

Several epilepsy patients possibly not react well to the mono therapy within recommended dosage; it can advocate higher drug dose, which could source undesirable side effects. All these patients react well if two drugs, having different mechanisms and actions, are used in combination. Phenytoin sodium has soothing effect on the neuronal membrane, which delays voltage channels of the dependent Na+ as part of main action mode; perhaps of greater value is its capability of facilitating the Na+ extrusion via nerve cells as well as forbidding intracellular accumulation for the action during the repetitive stimulation. Hence, it selectively cut down higher frequency discharges via some effect on regular neuronal discharges, which reduces Ca+ influx throughout neuronal depolarization as well. The Phenobarbitone is having decisive anti-convulsant activity that is not completely relied on its usual CNS depression result. It primarily helps GABA – intervened suppression for nerve cell movement via binding the GABA receptor or chloride-ionophore macromolecular-complex. Additionally, the Phenobarbitone also cut down nerve cell provocation via showing the anti-glutamate action. Overall, it boosts seizure beginning and limits spreading of the seizure discharge. Provided different mechanisms for action of the Phenytoin sodium as well as Phenobarbitone, the joint usage offers benefit of the outline for therapeutic effects that is a pharmacodynamic benefit.

The outline of these therapeutic effects are strengthened as it is a captivated risk disposition for development of undesired drug effects. Combined use of Phenytoin sodium with Phenobarbitone does not necessitate higher doses in separate drugs; hence the toxic effects that are ascribable for higher doses are deflected.

In aggregate drug routines when the drugs are utilize separately, it is steadily the risk of forgetting or skipping the doses of valued anti-epileptic. In those conditions of poor abidance not sufficient seizure restrain is unfortunate consequence. The dreadful scenario is the patient unsuspectingly makes up for missed dose via doubling succeeding dose. It could result into increased frequency of toxic outcomes. Those hateful situations in anti-epileptic therapy may be averted via combined usage of the Phenobarbitone and Phenytoin sodium that undoubtedly advances overall effectiveness and safety of drug combination.

Phenytoin sodium is generally administered to the adults with 100 mg strength, with equal to 400 mg per day, which is the upper limit. Daily dose for the normal adult of the Phenobarbitone is around 60 to 180 mg, with isolated doses. This dosage range from both Phenytoin sodium and Phenobarbitone, drug collection of the Phenytoin sodium in 100 mg as well as Phenobarbitone in 30 mg is scrupulously combined for the meeting standard of the therapeutic effectiveness and safety. Because this road can not necessitate higher individual drug doses, opposite to the mono therapy, the overall mutual use favors the efficacy, safety, and patient acceptance.


The Epilan is extremely effective for the desired tolerability patients. The drug interactions can happen with the other anti-epileptic or other medications. Epilan is contra-indicated with the patients, who have history of restlessness, abnormal reactions, drug hypersensitivity, or the porphyria to phenobarbitone with other barbiturates, strong hepatic as well as renal impairment with the brutal myocardial dysfunction. The precaution advised during the pregnancy, elderly or seriously ill patients, gentle to medium hepatic or renal dysfunction or in the alcoholics as well as drug addicts.

Use during the pregnancy

Congenital deformities can occur to different anti-convulsants. On other hand, preventing anti-convulsant treatment all along the pregnancy can outcome into increased convulsions, status epilepticus, and abortion. Result of continuing or stopping the Epilan during the pregnancy has been taken on respective patient based after suitably weighing risk-benefit magnitude. Aggressiveness, anemia, confusion, depression, dyskinesia, hepatitis, irritation, rash, and sedation are established to occur within Epilan rarely. Gum hyperplasia can happen, especially with children. CNS effects incorporate ataxia, double vision, vertigo, and nystagmus. Agranulocytosis, intense skin reactions, or severe hepatitis may happen hardly.


Epilan is gettable in the packing of 50, 150, or 1000 tablets in plastic the bottle.

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